Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's That Smell?

I was driving home from work last night and right about at "Motor Mile" (where all the big car dealerships with the cars that aren't selling are), I smelled a horrible burning smell. I figured somebody with an oil leak was limping over to their dealer for service so I just adjusted my vents to interior. The smell stopped coming in and I drove home. When I got in my driveway and jumped out of the van, guess what? The smell was me! Or at least it was my van. I'm the one with the oil leak and I have to take it to the dealer the day ofter Thanksgiving. Good news is I have the day off so it will be much easier to navigate.

I am at work today but there is nothing going on. I'm just a place holder until 5 p.m. Then the holiday fun begins! Our big dinner won't be until Friday? so my husband and I have already decided to stay in our pajamas, eat chicken wings, watch movies, torture the cat and call all our relatives on Thanksgiving day. Sammy will be happy we are both home - double the attention.

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Poppy said...

Are we having turkey Friday night?!?!? :D :D :D