Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas - In Several Parts

We went to Maryland for Christmas this year. My husband Marvin told his daughter Sherry, that it would 10:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve before we got there. The truth was that we left home early and would get there before 9:00. Every time Sherry called to see how we were doing on the road he would whisper to me “now don’t laugh” and tell her we would see her about 10:30. When we pulled up in the drive at 8:45, the kids said to Sherry, “Grampa’s here” and she said “no he isn’t, it’s too early”. To which they responded, “if that’s not Grampa’s van, why is Gramma in the front seat”?

After she kissed him and smacked him in the head for playing a trick on her, we brought in the luggage and sat down to open one present from Santa. We all got Christmas lounging pants, which we put on to stay up and eat cookies until the kids went to sleep. We slept in Beth’s room, which she willingly gave up for us. Her sister Melissa turned the closet in her room into a bedroom for Beth. She made up a little bed on the floor, moved in a tiny nightstand with a clock and a book, and even put a picture on the wall for her.

Before we went to bed we met Le-Le, the new dog. She’s a coal black Pomeranian, including her eyes, with the sweetest disposition you could ask for. The two cats are not impressed with her though. Kitty ignores her but Sunshine sneaks around behind and bats Le-Le in the head at every opportunity. The poor dog won’t use the pet door to go out because she is afraid Sunshine is on the other side waiting to give her a smack.

The next morning we got up to three kids wriggling on the couch waiting for all adults to get in the living room so the fun could begin. We started with stockings. I got Hello Kitty pencils and pencil case in mine. I told everyone how happy I was that Santa knew all about my love of Hello Kitty. That made Melissa extremely happy, as she had been Santa’s helper for that gift. Sherry had told me (in confidence the night before) how proud she was to buy those with her own money for Gramma.

After stockings, the kids got to open their presents and I had as much fun watching as they did opening. In the middle of it all Sherry got three gifts from Phil, which he tried to pretend weren't from him by putting the kid’s names on the tags. She grumbled a bit since they had agreed not to give each other gifts – just spend the money on the kids, but it was only half-hearted. She got a beautiful bath and body set with lots of body butter, a 40 piece Rubbermaid set and a box of gourmet teas, all things she loves. Her husband Phil has not always been a deep thinker when it comes to gifts so it was really sweet.

I've decided to write about my Christmas every day until I run out of things to say. This is enough for today so stop by tomorrow for “What the Kids Got for Christmas”.

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