Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things About Me

If you see me on Facebook this will be a repeat, but I thought since I took all this time to do it I would post it here too.

1. Having a cockatiel is like having a toddler and I've been a cockatiel owner for more than 18 years.

2. I love to say "my daughter lives in Queens". She is one of the lights of my life.

3. I am a "basics" person. I don't wear makeup or nail polish because I can't remember to check my face or fix my chips. I do wear lipstick lately because they make that stuff that stays on forever.

4. My mother is 84 and still sounds like she's 25 on the phone. I love to call her and get the weekly analysis on her friends and what's going on in town.

5. My husband built a new half bath in our house. It's mine and I have all my stuff in it. I love it and him for building it.

6. Marvin and I were married in 1991 and I am still wildly crazy about him.

7. I love to take pictures. Thank goodness for digital because I have thousands of them.

8. I have a blog which I don't write on very often, but I love to read other people's blogs. I have 12 or so I read daily.

9. I love cows.

10. I once rented an apartment that I never lived in.

11. When I was fourteen I was a 34D.

12. I can't stand to be around negative people for long. Their vibes literally make me ill.

13. I have been called a Pollyanna.

14. I have been on TV and radio.

15. I have a life of serenity and stability now but it was once so drama filled my sister told me I should write a book about it.

16. I love detective shows and mystery novels.

17. When I moved to Florida in 1998, I called my family at Thanksgiving and cried like a baby on the phone because I missed them so much. They just kept passing me from person to person while I wept.

18. My son melts my heart every time I think about him.

19. My idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon is a tall iced tea and a good book on the patio. My realty is a mountain of wash and "shall I or shall I not dust".

20. I did not realize how much being in a category four hurricane had frightened me until I moved to Tennessee and began to feel safe.

21. One of my favorite things to do is the slide presentation for my church. I spend hours looking for backgrounds and Christian graphics to make each week's songs and scripture as beautiful as possible on the screen.

22. I love purses and tote bags. If my husband loses me in a department store, that's the first place he looks.

23. If I had to live for the rest of my life on an island, I would bring Peanut M & M's, Coca Cola, Sensual Amber body butter, all the Lawrence Block mysteries and my One Year Bible.

24. Marvin and I have date night every Friday night. We "take a nap", have leftovers and make sure we catch up on the week. We do not accept outside invitations on Friday night.

25. I have no regrets about my life except one.

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Poppy said...

1. To me having a cockatiel is like having a sibling. :)

9. Me too. I taught Dawg to appreciate the smell so he wouldn't be so disgusted driving the back roads to Vermont.

10. ? A woman of mystery.

22. This explains my purse fascination, despite owning zero. Whenever I'm with girlfriends I am most likely admiring their purses. I make sure it's clear I don't want to own one I just want to live vicariously through them.

24. I think you switched from Thursday to Friday on me. So hard to keep up. (hehehe)

25. I hope it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me.