Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Cranky and I Don't Care

I had an E-mail run in today with a woman who sent me the names of the songs for this Sunday's church service. Apparently she thought it was up to me to coordinate my weekly PowerPoint church presentation with the woman who puts together the weekly church bulletin. It's not. The person who picks the songs for the week does the coordinating. My E-mailer is not the person who normally sends me the songs so I explained this to her and she fired back a reply shouting at me to "make sure you all ARE TOGETHER ON THIS".

You know what? I'm too old to take this crap. I no longer even think about doing things just because someone else thinks I should. I fired back a note asking her not to shout at me in print and saying "once again, the person who coordinates this is you, not me". Why is it that some people think if they say something often enough and loud enough, they can make it so.

Well, I'm not feeling so cranky now that I've spilled the beans here.

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Poppy said...

Because they are immature, Mom. You taught me better. Someone forgot to teach her better. I'm already too old to put up with that stuff anymore. Thanks for teaching me young.